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La Primitiva
Jackpot21.000.000 €
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Draw date
JACKPOT17.000.000 €
Tuesday, 06/06/23
JACKPOT21.000.000 €
Saturday, 03/06/23
JACKPOT5.600.000 €
Sunday, 04/06/23
JACKPOT1.100.000 €
Saturday, 03/06/23
JACKPOT2.900.000 €
Sunday, 04/06/23
JACKPOT145.000 €
Sunday, 04/06/23
IN PRIZES30.000 €
Thursday, 08/06/23

La Primitiva is a draw that is held every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. It consists of choosing 6 numbers among the 49 possible. The possibility of choosing a number from 0 to 9 as a refund of the bet has also been included.

The minimum bet to play La Primitiva is a column that costs €1. But you can bet on La Primitiva for a single day, for a week or for two weeks, you can even subscribe to the play so that it is played automatically on the days you want. In the same ticket you can validate a maximum of 8 simple bets (blocks).

There is also the possibility ability to play multiple and reduced:



When playing La Primitiva, there is the possibility of placing multiple bets to increase the chances of success, which leads to an increase in the number of bets and, therefore, in the investment.


The possibilities are:


Numbers Number of bets Amount per column and day
5 44 44,00 €
7 7 7,00 €
8 28 28,00 €
9 84 84,00 €
10 210 210,00 €
11 462 462,00€



These types of bets are obtained from combinations of the multiple method and allow us to reduce the cost of our bet. It is a system that makes it possible for us to play with a part of the total combinations of the multiple system by selecting the reductions that will be applied to the bet.


The distribution of prizes in La Primitiva is based on the correct numbers.

The different possibilities are the refund, 3 hits, 4 hits, 5 hits, 5 hits + the complementary number (extra number that is drawn in the draw only for those who match 5 numbers), 6 hits and 6 hits + the refund.

The biggest prize of the original distributed was €98,440,117.



In addition, La Primitiva has an associated game called "El Joker" which is celebrated on the same days as La Primitiva, that is, Thursday and Saturday. It consists of a code of 7 random numbers that are assigned by the terminal (between 0,000,000 and 9,999,999) and that appear on the ticket when selecting that the Joker is also included.

This game has an additional cost of €1.00 per day played and gives you the option of winning up to €1 million if you match all 7 figures.

The prizes are:

  • 1st Category: 7 equal numbers and in the same order: €1,000,000.
  • 2nd Category: 6 first figures and in the same order or 6 last figures in the same order: €10,000.
  • 3rd Category: 5 first figures and in the same order or 5 last figures and in the same order: €1,000.
  • 4th Category: 4 first figures and in the same order or 4 last figures and in the same order: €300.
  • 5th Category: 3 first figures and in the same order or 3 last figures and in the same order: €50.
  • 6th Category: 2 first figures and in the same order or 2 last figures and in the same order: €5.00.
  • 7th Category: First figure or last figure: €1.00.

The Joker"s prizes are cumulative, therefore, they are added if in the same assigned code there are several combinations of numbers that coincide with the orders described above.

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